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Do you want to fins a good place to make some profit and wow gold? Yeah, vendors are actually a great place to get some extra cash along the way of your questing or just making a bit of money in general; vendors are able to have limited supply of items for the whole server in which if someone else buys it before you, you have to wait about half an hour before the vendor restocks it or vendors have a limited supply just for your character meaning that if you buy the limited stock out it will never appear on that character you are currently playing again. horde01-large

With such limits, and some vendor only items, these are a good place to pick up along the way of your travels and get some pocket change from the auction house!

Starting off, recipes are a great place to start with this kind of making money. Some recipes are only vendor found, and if you find this for a person in need of the recipe at that moment or they are just too lazy to get it themselves because it is in a far-away place you can make some good money off of it! First, let’s take into account of alchemy. Alchemy is a widely common profession to choose for a gatherer/producer character, and some just don’t have the time to pick up those limited sale recipes! This is where you may come in on your travels, and drop by there to get that recipe!

If you’re wanting to get a taste of that major dreamless sleep potion if you’re alliance head off to Leeli Longhagle in Terokkar Forest found in the Allerian Stronghold. Horde aren’t able to nab this up though, so as alliance, you have a small advantage being able to sell it for a higher price at the neutral auction house.

Moving on to enchanting, when you are wanting that arcanite rod to level up your enchanting from 290, you are able to find your rod from Lorelae Wintersong in Moonglade. If you want to enchant weapons for agility, you can also find that from Meilosh from Felwood.

This is a big change from the amount of warcraft limited recipes from enchanting and alchemy, engineering by far has the largest amount of recipes needed from limited recipe vendors! Many engineers get engineering for fun, and would love to get their recipes once they level up! For the horde, gnomish universal remote would be a good place to start, for they find it from Jinky Twizzlefixxit in the Shimmering Flats; the alliance won’t make much out of this though, for they can find it from an NPC in Ironforge.

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