Tips about How to Leveling Blacksmith in Wow Cataclysm

Swords and armor. When the biggest benefits of becoming a blacksmith, is that you are able to create many high-level weapons and armor. In fantasy RPG games and World of Warcraft is specially, having the best armor and weapons is vital. Whether you are PVPing, raiding, soloing or grouping, you need to have high quality gear to be able to perform at your highest potential. Blacksmiths are an incredibly useful class to be, because they are able to supply the best weapons and armor for you. If you decide to become a blacksmith, you will find that you are never short of wow gold.

Rough and coarse stones. When first becoming a blacksmith in wow , the first two materials you will need in order to level up, are rough and coarse stones. These can be easily obtained on your own by simply mining for them. You also find veins of copper and silver that can be used to level up your blacksmithing skill. An alternative would be to buy these materials on the market, but if you are just starting out and are short on world of warcraft gold, then mining them is a great way to get a head start.

Once you reach level 75. After you have obtained a blacksmithing level of 75, you can visit a trainer, and have your apprentice blacksmithing status upgraded to that of journeyman. At this level you will be able to create much more danced armor and weaponry, that will be very in demand at the higher levels. This is where the money can really start to come in. After you reach level 90, you will need to mine silver and tin to level up.

Level 150. Once you get to level 150, you can revisit the trainer, and upgrade your status from Journeyman to expert blacksmith. Once you obtain this level, many special options will be open to you and you will be able to infuse many stats into your armor pieces, making them even more in demand. And finally, once you reach level 220, You can upgrade from expert blacksmith, to Artisan blacksmithing.

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