What Are Some Rare Items that Are Worth A Lot of Money

Do you know the rare items that can sell for big money? If you still not clear about this, you should read this carefully. Those rare items i listed out are worth a lot of money in world of warcraft, you can take them to obtain wow gold.

568 Anti-Dragon Shield: Definitely a useful item, but you can get one for free from Duke Horacio on the second floor of Lumbridge castle. Buy one if you are in a pinch, but don’t pay more than 1k unless truly desperate!

Arena Book: Explains how to use the Mage Training Arena; can be bought there for 200 gold. People often sell this for millions because it can be confused (or swapped) for the valuable Mage’s Book.

Buttons and Polished Buttons: Buttons are worthless junk you find when digging in certain locations, searching crates, during Trawler Fishing and so forth. Polished buttons are used for the Animal Magnetism quest and have no other use.

Charcoal: This can be bought from stores on Karamja, in Shilo Village and in Keldagrim. It is used only in a couple of members-only quests; despite that, it is most often found advertised for sale on free worlds, where it is useless.

Machete: Used in the Legends quest. You can get from Radimus Erkle’s office at the Legends Guild or buy on Karamja; has no real value except for during that quest, or if you need to hack through the jungle near Shilo Village.

Pyramid Plunder Trinkets (Ivory Comb, Pottery Scarab, Pottery Statuette, Stone Seal, Stone Scarab, Stone Statuette, Gold Seal, Gold Scarab, Gold Statuette): These are collected in the Pyramid Plunder minigame and can be sold to Simon Templeton at the Agility Pyramid for gold, or used to recharge the Pharaoh’s Sceptre. None of them are rare or particularly valuable.

Rock Hammer: This is a Slayer skill item used to kill gargoyles, and is worth only 500 gold pieces. By the time you need this, you’ll know where to get it. Note that it is sometimes used in an item scam to substitute for the granite maul.

Shade Robe (Top or Bottom): These are dropped by shades that spawn as random events when you bury bones. They provide a small Prayer bonus but are not worth a great deal; monk’s robes are free if you have a Prayer level of 31 or higher, and provide better bonuses.

Spinach Roll: These are simple food items that heal 2 hit points. You can get them from random events, as drops from moss giants, and other places. They are essentially worthless as they heal too little to be worth bothering with.

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