The Importance of Being an Organized Auctioneer

Each player wants to become the best in world of warcraft, you should first know some important elements, to be a organized auctioneer for example. The more time you have the more auctions you can sell, markets you can explore, and fun you can have in wow. Auctioneer already saves you huge amounts of time, but if you don’t make use of snatch and batch post then you aren’t going to be performing anywhere near as well as someone that does. What I do is I have all the items I want for all my crafting toons listed in one snatch list. I view the list, buy out any items that appear (though I keep an eye out for unusually large amounts of items for shifts in the market) and then I mail out the goods to my crafters, craft my items, and then post the auctions on the crafting toons. 229902_832574

The fun for me is in being super organized and running a mini-business where I get to buy out lots of goods and modify them for great profits. Over time I’ve learned to focus my efforts mostly on the items that are going to make me the most wow gold, and that wouldn’t have been possible without organization.

So how can you get organized with auctioneer? First, you need to learn how to use the snatch tool and not just how it works, but how to really use it. You’ll need to learn when to update the numbers on your tool, when to use percentages instead of real values, etc. After that you will need to setup your batch post properly. Now that doesn’t mean just mass post all your items at max stacks and for set prices, instead you should be setting up batch post to limit the total number of items you post at one time and to have prices based on market value for some items but fixed value for others. Eventually you’ll be ready for the next and final step to organizing your business: Quick A uction, which allows you to easily cancel and repost items to get wow gold.

In the long run taking the time and effort to setup your business correctly will allow you to reap the rewards of being an organized businessman. What’s more, you will easily be able to add markets to these addons as you grow.

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