The Forth Expansion Of World of Warcraft, Published In 2012?

Design director Tom Chilton of Blizzard had told foreign media interview said, "for the next expansion pack of World of Warcraft will be faster the speed of development information in the past three films, or in 2012 years listed. " So, you can know that the game will be still hot for a very long time, if you buy wow gold now, it would be a very smart action.

850472_627828 It is understood that Blizzard’s third piece of information, "the earth fission", the content unique because its main feature is the introduction of a world calamity, the death of the wing will try to destroy everything you hold dear. According to Blizzard Entertainment’s system designer Greg Street introduced in the upcoming fourth expansion pack will maintain the status of reconstruction and re-add a new continent. Do you know where you can get the cheapest safe wow gold? Of course online, such as site.

Greg Street has said in an interview: "I think the next expansion will be some more like opening up a new world approach. More like the Burning Crusade, or the" Wrath "Northrend, a player who has never seen in the area. " A player is expected in the next piece of information as "the Emerald Dream." Players had questioned "the ‘land of the fission’ content already started, the rush development of the lower piece of information mean that Blizzard give up this piece of information." In an interview, Tom said: the contents of this information has long been making a good film, the production is carried out simultaneously.

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