What’s The Best DPS Professions In Patch 5.1 ?

The best dps profession also means the highest damage per second profession. We know that the best dps profession can always help you gain much more Wow gold and leveling faster in game. Anyone know yet what two professions will provide the biggest DPS boost through their proprietary benefits. The highest dps for raids would be blacksmith for the extra socket to go a long with JC.

JC and BS are going to give you the most because you can get extra agility rather than extra AP. The others (except eng) all give you a flat 80 AP.mmo1

Alchemy, enchanting, jewelcrafting, blacksmithing and inscription all give 320 agility, so these are equal. Leatherworking gives 330 agility, so it’s 10 agility better than the others.

Engineering is tougher to measure b/c you get crap like pyro rockets and hyperspeed accelerators instead of a real enchant. I think it’s still lagging behind all the other professions in terms of a DPS boost for safe wow gold. The main value of engineering of course comes from lining it up with Tiger’s Fury/Berserk/possible other cooldowns. Does the engineering tinker stack with an agility potion?

Then there is tailoring, 4000 ap, roughly 15 sec every 60 sec, so 1000 ap or give or take 373 agility (using Agixx’ t14H scale factors), but it’s proc based, so you can’t line it up with cooldowns (unless you wait with using your other cooldowns till it procs, but that reduces relative cooldown uptime so that can’t be a good idea), so it’s probably not as good.

Well it looks like, according to that blog guy, that engineering is slightly ahead of the professions that provide 80 AP, and you still get all of the cool toys to boot! The downside to eng is that it has very limited money making potential. More information about wow guide, please refer to http://www.wowgoldsafe.co.uk/.

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