I have the Annual Pass in November last year, and I think I would get the mists of pandaria beta invitation when its sent the first wave invitation to the annual pass wowers, and my friend got the invitation but there was nothing in my wow account, what happened? My friend even pass the annual pass later than me! I have to say that I was really angry with this, but I love this game, I like farming the wow gold in world of wow, I kept waiting and finally I got the pandaria beta invitation at its final invitation wave. So lucky anyway! 052bz

So I finally received my World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria beta invite and after downloading the beta and copying my two characters to the beta server (my level 85 human warrior Undyingsarge and my level 85 night elf mage Chestylaroo) I logged into the game and checked out the character creation screen. There is a lot more detail and when selecting a class, rather then showing you what you look like at the start in tattered robes or farmer’s pants, the game shows you the awesome looking rare or epic gear you will be wearing once you progress. Another change to the creation screen is the ability to see all of your appearance options at once rather then having to click through them one by one. Finally, it is not present currently, but Blizzard is adding a small video to the right hand corner that describes your class. I personally would like them to add a second video describing your race also to fill people in on some of the lore. Read more to continue reading my impressions of the World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Beta after a couple days of play.

After messing around with the creation options for a bit, I decided to take a look at the high level content, so I logged on to my mage. First thing I do is start the chain of quests to head to Pandaria. The cut scene for this is rid and shows Blizzard’s commitment to making questing even more story driven. A few quests later involving riding an airplane and going to Pandaria, I was on the new continent and I must say the scale is pretty impressive. Right from the start you are helping the Alliance put out fires and defend base camp from hundreds of crazy spear throwing ape people. I finished the early quests and that began my favorite part of any new expansion, exploring the new lands. I think restricting flying in Pandaria until level 90 was a smart idea because it gives you more of a reason to explore and makes the already gigantic continent of Pandaria feel even bigger. After admiring how beautiful the new early parts of Pandaria (seriously the guys who worked on updating the engine and the art team once again deserve serious thanks) I decided to finally go and check out how the new classes and races play.

So I logged out of Chestylaroo and created my Pandaren, Monk Chowwyungfat. The starting zone, just like all the new beta content, was of course crowded, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying how gorgeous the starting zone looked. Seriously it looked like a scene ripped from the Disney movie, Mulan. I started questing and really became immersed in the new story content of being a monk in training as I fought dummies, beat the top monk in training, and grabbed fire from my master’s hand to light a signal. The Pandaren starting zone really does remind me of the training scenes in a martial arts movie. What helped me become immersed within the Mists of Pandaria is the fantastic music. Seriously, if there is one thing I can say about the beta, the music is absolutely fantastic.

After a week of playing on and off, I have enjoyed the beta so far and cannot wait for the completed version. I plan to write more of these impression pieces as I explore more, get into some dungeon groups, and finish the Pandaren starting zone, but my early impressions point to the Mists of Pandaria being one hell of an expansion for the World of Warcraft universe.

To my several hours experience in mists of pandaria beta, I think the fourth expansion of wow–mists of pandaria has many changes both in the characters and talents , and the mists of pandaria is more colorful than before, making warcraft gold in pandaria is more interesting.

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