What’s The Highest and Best DPS Class in WoW Patch 5.1 ?

A good dps class in wow means to be more powerful for powerleveling,making wow gold,kills emenies easier than any other classes. Mostly, the highest and best dps class in PvP or PvE will benefit the whole group in instances. What’s the highest and best dps class in wow patch 5.1 ?

Someone hold the views that Rogue is the best DPS class in wow patch 5.1, as its three talents are been improved, taken the first three positions in seven positions. Rogues are excellent DPS class in Patch 5.1 though a rogue with a legendary will prolly be tops in the entire raid. 20120929161907248

Hunter DPS is fine, or even high in 5.0, so we didn’t want this buff to extend to them, which is why the AP benefit is now 20% for melee attacks but still 10% for ranged attacks. But indeed it’s not as super or overpowered as is often suggested. It’s mostly just competitive, which is how things should be. All classes being competitive, with some excelling in aoe, others in single target dps, some in providing crowd control, etc.

Warrior tanking in Mop but then again there isn’t any need for another tank in our guild and I’m sure I won’t be allowed to tank at all (in raids, maybe dungeons).Mages have always been among the top in Dps in Mists of Pandaria.

Demon Warlock sit tight in the first chair, Retibution Paladin living in the 5.1 patch second position make an impression, Assassination Rogue won third place, Arcane Mage relegated to the sixth position.

If you are playing rogue class, lucky that rogue is undoubtedly the biggest winner in the 5.1 patch, as its three talents are been improved, taken the first three positions in seven positions. Enhancement Shaman come from behind gets a position in the top ten. However, even though you are playing the highest and best dps class, you should have powrerful weapons at hand to make yourself stronger. http://www.wowwowgold.com is a good site for you to find useful wow guides and apply cheap wow gold for you to obtain gears,weapons to make your best dps class real good.

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