Immortal Legend – World of Warcraft Mists Of Pandaria

Although there is one after another game released, none of them surpass the legend World of Warcraft. Because WOW is a model in the game field, lots of other games follow its steps, and design their game on the basis of a part of excellent WOW aspects. Gamers feel tired about the shadow of WOW spread here and there. So, if you are interested in MMORPG, PVP or E-SPORT, it is better to join in WOW. Immortal Legend – World of Warcraft Mists Of Pandariathousand-needles-large

Has been launching for ten years, WOW has established and strengthen its state in the mind of gamers. Take Guild Wars 2 for example, it developed according to a principle that get rid of the shadow of Guild Wars 2,, while there are some gamers advice Guild Wars 2 learn from WOW in some aspects. We can see from it that it is difficulty to replace the state of WOW.

As the new content – World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandarian is going to be released, it causes a wide-range of discussion about the memory and expectation to WOW. Many WOW fans write article to talk their experience in the flourishing past days. There are also a large number of gamers to present their favorite screenshot from the game. WOW undertakes millions of gamers unforgettable memory.

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