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Sat, 21 Sep 2013 05:29:52 GMTSource:WowWowGold autor:pasiaboat

Wow timeless isle legendary cloak how to get

I'm told I' need the "yellow" cloak to fly across the bride. I can't seem to figure out how to get it. Can I get some input please? This was completley uncalled for. They want help in order to get the cloak to fight Ordos and enter the area, not to get the loot Ordos drops. If they even know what's beyond the bridge. You can enter the building.. you can jump over the wall slightly on the right of the door on the way to the grave yard. For some reason that door was closed for some of my alts.

This late in the expansion, I don't know how anyone is capable of even starting the quest now and finishing before the expansion is up. I don't think people are going to wait 3-4 months to see what is on the other side of a bridge.

Don't know how lucky other people are but, it took me from end of April to the end of July to get my Secrets and Titan Runestones alone. So I can't imagine how painful it would be to start out from the beginning fresh. Getting an Albatross to carry you there is free, if slow. Drop in the lake above for the best results and jump into the lower lake.

You get one to carry you by attacking it once. It will then pick you up. You need to attack and kill them to get them to drop you. I find that they don't always stay still when I attack them, so doing it over the lake gives a bit more time to complete the kill. It says on the Icy Veins guide you can float to a patch of grass on the other side from the bridge.. which I've done... but I can't go anywhere form there. So not sure what the point of that is.

There's a number of people are concerned about needing the legendary cloak to fight the Fire-God Ordos, a special boss accessible on the Timeless Isle. Those people with the concern raise the point that this is essentially cutting off a significant portion of the game to those without the cloak -- or at least what they feel is a significant portion of the game.

Except, it's not a big portion of the game. It's one boss, and a rather insignificant one (in the grand scheme of things) at that. Further, players that have put in the year long effort to actually get the legendary cloak deserve some sort of reward for their troubles. And while the awesome cloak is certainly part of that reward, getting to experience a different boss is a nice added bonus. It is correct that you need the legendary cloak to fight Fire-God Ordos. It's not half of the Timeless Isle. It's one boss -- literally one thing on the isle you can't access without the legendary cloak. You can still get to the area surrounding Ordos using the Albatrosses.

It wasn't designed this way to give us a laugh. The vast majority of the Timeless Isle is open to everyone at level 90, including the four celestials you can fight.

We feel that rewarding those who have invested time into the entire legendary quest chain with access to fight Ordos is justifiable. He's analogous to Oondasta and Galleon in terms of difficulty and loot quality, but isn't just another really rare spawn that can be zerged by everyone in the area, or friends being invited and summoned in.

The timeless isle was where future Emperors tested their wits and skills against the four celestials in order to prove themselves; today it is open to many different factions including the tillers, the lorewalkers, the Alliance and Horde and even the Bronze Dragonflight who are all fascinated with the new isle and puzzled at it's very existance

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