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Mon, 28 Jan 2013 02:36:31 GMTSource:WowWowGold autor:pasiaboat

How Many People Still Playing WoW 2013 ?


 A lot of people got to know wow subscribers in the past year 2012. With New Year 2013 came out, it seems wow subscribers changed with the time changes. Right now, wow gamers would like to know wow gamers in 2013 and asking " How many people still playing wow 2013? " via yahoo answers. Here http://www.wowwowgold.com, the official wow news reporter and wow gold provider, is here telling you the detailed wow player numbers in 2013.

For many of the players still subscribing to WoW, they stay because of their friends. They pay each month to preserve the possibility that they might go raiding. An expansion like Mists of Pandaria is not about earning $40 from the sale of a box at Gamestop (of which Activision only sees half); it is about persuading a subscriber to keep subscribing for the two years between expansions. That’s over $200 of revenue, most of which does go to Activision.

Activision has seen users drop to below 10 million users, down from a peak of 12 million. Mists of Pandaria boosted the number of subscribers up again, but not by much. Now, I believe, enough consumers are thinking that they won’t be going back to Warcraft that the subscription is not worth it. Their friends aren’t there enough any more.

In 2013, after 5.1 comes out, here wow patch 5.2 is coming out soon. There are still people coming back subscribe to wow and enjoy the new contents of wow Mists of Pandaria. However, the new subscribers are only a few, and wow subcribers are still becoming lesser than with 9 million subcribers and lesser buying wow gold gamers than it was before.

It's predicted that in the new future after 5.2 comes out, World of Warcraft will lost 3 million subs in 2013, and drop below 7 million. However, these are only predictions. The more detailed wow subscribers in 2013 will depends on wow new contents and how will blizzard trying to do to attract more wow gamers. 

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