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Fri, 11 Jan 2013 02:26:40 GMTSource:WowWowGold autor:pasiaboat

How To Farm Honor In WoW Patch 5.2 By Wowwowgold ?


 Farming world of warcraft honor points can be a long all day process,especially in the new patch wow 5.2. Wowowgold.com as the most professional wow gold store have discovered and want to share a few tips and strategies on how to farm honor in wow patch 5.2. This strategy will work regardless of what class you are, whether you are a healer, tank, range dps or melee dps.

If you are someone who has limited free time to honor farm I would make plans on your schedule to do most your honor farming on the weekend when you can get the most out of battlegrounds. The other tip i have is checking out WoW Mimic Honor Boost, it's a free program that helps you PVP and lets you PVP battlegrounds even when your not at the computer. It copys your play style and then in return does it when your away from your keyboard.

Just keep farming battlegrounds. at you level you can't join ''random battleground'' yet, you'll unlock that at a later level, whichwill give you extra honor upon winning a BG. but for now, you should just keep farming battlegrounds, because thats all you can really do. also, here's an order from which battlegrounds give the least amount of honor.

You get about 100 honor for losing, 300 for winning. Heroic usually takes about the same time, at an exchange of 375 justice points for 250 honor points, every heroic completed is worth about 200 or so honor points.

It's at the point that if the daily pvp quest isn't AV i say f it, because the bous honor can be made up in a 10 minute game, where as I could be stuck in a WSG for 5x the time for a measley 400 honor.

Battlegrounds can be a great way for players to get some good PvP gear and I have  noticed it really is a great way for casual players to get some epic items. Like you said it still can be sometimes a pain in the butt to grind out those honor points and legit wow gold.

All in all,there are lots of methods to farm honor in wow patch 5.2. New some of the content changes according the wow expansion updates,the ways to farm honor a still remain. If you follow the above guides, you'll be easily farm honor fast in a short of time. http://www.wowwowgold.com is a good website for both safe wow gold buying and free wow news, if you are stuck playing wow, take a visit to wowwowgold.com, you'll benefit a lot from it . 

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