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Thu, 11 Oct 2012 02:14:51 GMTSource:WowWowGold autor:pasiaboat

What's the Highest Dps class in Wow Mists of Pandaria?


Since Mists of Pandaria has been released, it has made so many changes to the mop classes. So what's highest Dps class in wow mists of pandaria, does hunters in mop also can be a very high Dps in Wow now? We always fighting with Bosses, create mobs in world of warcraft, a class which can give out a high Dps can make the whole combat more easy to finish and killing the mobs in a short time is also very important to the game players, so in the following parts, we are going to talk about the Highest Dps class in Mop.

Warlocks, warriors mages and rogues are always a solid choice, among with hunter and priest (also they have some low times, like Spriest in Ulduar).Warrior. Yet, extremely fun and mobile with a lot of utility. Mitigation needs to be paid attention to but it ends up as a part of your rotation. ally / Druid : Moderate, A bit of mitigation / Self healing that isn't a part of your normal rotation required (not as familiar with Druid though so don't be mad if I'm wrong, only dinked around with it for a bit. Monks / DK: EZ Mode and fun to just whack away at things and let the Mitigation happen during your rotation (if you're doing it right that is).There is no way to know before we can actually test the classes and see about their changes. However, when DKs were launched they were very OP, I would assume that this would hold true to Monk as well.

To the parts of melee High Dps class many players think Rogue is the best melee DPS in MOP. Most likely, Rogues will perform the ‘highest melee Dps’ however they can only wear leather amour and greatly rely on the cool down’s and timing is essential. Take for example a warrior, they may not perform the highest Dps but they can where plate amour, which is the best form of amour in the game. Choose the Class which appeals to you and best suit’s your play style. There are also different from t he Monks. Monks have better damage, better group utility, better spell effects, better quality of life, and better minor glyphs. On top of that, their rotation feels almost exactly like the rotations used by all three rogue specs. You know all the things rogues have asked for over the years? Monks got ‘em all: lower passive damage, combo points off their targets, decent group utility ion PvE, and dramatic spell effects

To me I think Mages have always been among the top in Dps in mists of pandaria, and to the hunters, may they take a hit until Mists hits unless they scaled up the stats on the ranged weapons. Hunters are losing a good percentage of DPS depending on how geared they were. The lower geared hunters won't notice as much, the raid geared ones will drop significantly. Due to the change for mop class in mists of pandaria, the hunter’s maybe not the highest Dps in world of warcraft any more, so what's your opinion about what's the highest Dps class in wow mists of pandaria? More information at www.wowwowgold.com and the full stock legit wow pandaria gold is also available here.  

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