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Tue, 18 Sep 2012 02:13:41 GMTSource:WowWowGold autor:pasiaboat

Crafted PvP Gear in World of Warcraft


Blizzard already announced that there will be a new tier of crafted PvP gear with every new major content patch. It appears that instead of the new recipes,In times past, PvP gear has been considered subpart if not completely horrible for PvE. Crafted PvP Gear in World of Warcraft Resilience took up part of the stat budget and was not reforgeable. It's still not reforgeable,Wow Gold 90,  and neither is PvP Power, but PvP gear now has two secondary stats on it alongside the resilience and power.

PvP gear is partially viable in PvE now. You'll be missing out on PvE-focused set bonuses if you choose to wear PvP gear, but for non-set pieces, it's fair game. The stats are comparable with an equivalent level PvE piece. Look at Contender's Silk Footwraps versus Soulbinder Treads from normal mode Mogu'shan Palace:
Both have the same Intellect (592).
There's only 11 less mastery rating on the PvP footdwraps than there is haste rating on the PvE treads.
There's only 19 more crit rating on the PvP footwraps than on the PvE treads.
For crafted PvP gear, the non-spirit cloth set is Contender's Silk. The entire 8-piece set will take 34 Bolts of Windwool Cloth, or 170 Windwool Cloth. Contender's Silk is comparable stats-wise with normal-mode 5-man gear at ilevel 450.

The Contender's Silk set contains mastery on all pieces and alternates crit on major pieces (head, chest, legs, feet) with hit on more minor pieces (shoulders, Wow Gold 90, wrists, hands, waist). Considering PvP requires less hit than PvE, I'm not surprised. The set bonuses are useless for PvE, as they just increase your PvP Resilience or Power.

Getting ready to level

Maybe it's a bit backwards to start with the heroic 5-man gear list instead of the factions list. What faction should I grind for first? Should I play through certain zones to level through the most reputation before the grind?

As I was visiting the various profession trainers last night, I noticed that the crafted PVP sets had already been upgraded with better stats.I don't know how fast some of you will power through to 90, Crafted PvP Gear in World of Warcraft so I thought I'd leave you the first step to getting ready for raid. Just before the XP bar unlocks for us all over again, Wow Gold Us, I'll visit the reputations and questing lines for warlock gear. The reputation vendors also provide some epic crafting recipes and enchants, so you'll be covered for those.

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