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Tue, 04 Sep 2012 02:08:14 GMTSource:WowWowGold autor:pasiaboat

Frost Mage Leveling Guide for Mists of Pandaria


In world of warcraft cataclysm, the Frost Mage is a very powerful class; they can keep their enemies in a far distance. They have the high Dps with the single-target spells, they are also well equipped for AoE grinding so be a frost mage in wow is a very good choice for many wowers, and most of them also want to choose the frost mage in the wow coming patch mists of pandaria, so this frost mage leveling guide for mists of pandaria will do a great help to them.

Frost has been the dominant mage spec for so long that there has almost ceased to be any sort of debate as far as PvP balance goes. And sadly, frost has also suffered mightily on the raid damage front as a result. The good news (or bad, depending upon how much you relied upon that dominance in PvP) is that the dynamic is shifting in Mists. Frost’s superiority has been largely attributable to survivability, control, and burst damage. All of those things are being equalized in Mists. All three specs have access to the best defensive spells, like Ice Barrier and the three armor spells. All three specs have been given ways to snare enemies quickly and easily. And frost's burst damage has been normalized due to Frostburn's damage bonus being reduced and spread out over more damage sources, making it more useful in PvE and less burst in PvP.

When you are raiding as frost the revamped talent system in mists of pandaria will bring to the game is equality between DPS specs. You might think of it as homogenization, but I like to think of it as freedom. With all three mage specs having access to the same talents, and with the developers having far more direct control over the spells and abilities we have access to, the theory is that with small and simple tweaks occurring as necessary, Blizzard will be able to keep a firmer handle on the damage output each spec is capable of doing and keep all three specs raid viable.'

Frost is probably the easiest spec to level with. Frost's numerous control and defense options make surviving even the most troublesome quests a cinch, and if PvP is part of your leveling strategy, you can't do better than the skillet of a frost mage. Frost’s spell rotation is priority-based, which essentially means that you cast spells based on how important a spell is and what spells are off cooldown. If spell A is up, you should always cast it before anything else, and the same goes for B unless A is up, and so on. The list at endgame goes like this: Frost fire Orb, Deep Freeze, Frost fire Bolt, Ice Lance, Freeze, these will give you a lot of help in your leveling journey in mop 5.0.

Running Dungeons always can help you gain a lot of experience points but something you should keep in mind. Don’t attack anything the tank doesn't have the full attention of. It's a good idea to set the tank as your focus target and turn on "target of target" in the interface options. Then make sure any time you're in doubt that you're attacking the tank's target.

The highest level in mists of pandaria is 90; maybe it will be harder for you to hit the level cap in mists of pandaria. So be more patient. More information at www.wowwowgold.com, if you want to buy pandaria 90 gold, we are the best choice for you, please feel free to contact us.

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