Choose your battles

Buy cheap and safe wow gold in a reliable and legal site.With the removal of attunements, there is a point where a T4 raiding guild is faced with multiple possible paths for progression. Many guilds, in my opinion, are choosing a path which looks deceptively easy, but has a lot of negative repercussions. dark-portal-large (1)

After a guild kills Gruul, there are three or four possible choices for the next boss to focus on: Magtheridon, Hydross/Lurker in Serpentshrine Cavern, and Void Reaver in Tempest Keep. Of these bosses, Void Reaver is the easiest, and Magtheridon is probably the hardest. Given that Void Reaver drops T5 shoulders, a lot of guilds choose to tackle him after Gruul. I believe that this is a mistake, which ends up hurting the guild progression in the long run.

Casual raiding guilds, especially those on a limited schedule, need to organize their schedule for progression. There are three competing constraints that a raiding guild needs to follow:

Maximize the time spent on Progression instances.
Minimize the time spent on Farming instances.
Maximize the number of epics gained from the Farming instances.Wow gold is important here.

Cheap and safe warcraft gold will sent to you in our promised time.You need to spend time on boss fights to learn them. The more time you spend on a fight, the better your progess is. But you still need to farm a beaten instance for gear in order to improve your raid. Spend too much time farming, and you won’t get the experience on fights that you need to beat them. Spend too little time farming, and your raid won’t improve gear-wise. (Not to mention that your raid will get discouraged from the lack of loot.)

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