Selling Cooking Recipes to Make Wow Gold

As a World of Warcraft player, you may feel frustrated about a lack of wow gold if you have lower or large level characters but you don’t have a large amount of play time. When all you really want to do is to play the game you will find that Gathering and crafting professions often take more time and effort than you have thought about. All of the wow players are trying their best to make more wow gold.


In World of Warcraft cooking recipes are an easy method to make gold. Players are necessary for several achievements so they search for unusual recipes. you can help them out by creating these out-of-the-way recipes easy to find on the AH – and turn a tidy profit at the same time if quite a few people like to operate lower a list while doing an achievement. You can also do the footwork and reaping the rewards for bringing these desirable items to the AH for other players to purchase.

For brevity’s sake I’ll focus on people found exclusively in Eastern Kingdoms though there are recipes on both main continents. You can find the recipe names and the approximate area of the vendors that sells them from our website. It takes about an hour to gather up all the recipes listed if a lower level toon want to utilize flight paths; higher level toons with swift flying can be able to do so much faster.

If you have empty traditional bank or bag space you should purchase as quite a few recipes as you can. To purchase a dozen of each recipe and mail those to your traditional bank toon would be one trick you can use when you are brief on storage space.

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