Here to Farm Spirit of Harmony in World of Warcraft Patch 5.3?

In every wow patch, there always some items game players are worth to farm it for wow gold. In wow patch 5.3 Cataclysm, wowers like to farm clothes or some eternal items for game currency because these wow items are cheap to farm and they can help players gain some gold. So in wow patch 5.3, which kind of wow items should farm for gold? The Spirit of Harmony is a very good one, but unlike the wow items in patch 5.1, the Spirit of Harmony is not easy to farm, so where to farm Spirit of Harmony in World of Warcraft patch 5.3? dalaran2-large

So what the Spirit of Harmony actually is in World of Warcraft patch 5.3?  Spirit of Harmony is an extremely rare random world drop from all creatures on Pandaria. It is used in many zen-level profession recipes. As an ingredient, Spirits of Harmony will automatically go in any enchanting bag, herb bag, inscription bag, or leatherworking bag that may be equipped. The slightly-more-common [Mote of Harmony] can be turned in a Spirit of Harmony ten at a time. Spirit of Harmony can be used by with Alchemy to purchase an extra transmute, Jewelcrafting to purchase extra daily discoveries, and Enchanting to buy reagents.

Here are some tips that World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria players can follow to gain the Spirit of Harmony, let’s see the detail information. The new Motes and Spirits drop off regular monsters you’re probably going kill a lot while questing and leveling. This means that you might have quite a stock of them by the time you hit level 90, and you’ll pick them up as quickly as you are out in the world killing normal mobs. Unlike Chaos Orbs, the farther your character progresses, the fewer you’ll earn. Once you hit the point where your only upgrades are found in a raid, you’ll probably see far fewer of these dropping than someone who is still doing dailies and 5-mans.If you want one of your primary characters to be able to produce goods based on Motes and Spirits, you might need to take them out into the world and fight things that don’t necessarily have much to reward you other than the motes.

In the World of Warcraft forum, some players say that wowers can get Spirit of Harmony in Jade Temple Grounds with a 10% drop rate if you want to gain more this wow item, you can go there and have a try with this farm spot. More information at and you also can buy cheap and legit Pandaria 90 gold with instantly delivery.

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