Insane Wow Gold Farming With Herbalism in Mists of Pandaria

Herbalism should be one of the most popular professions in World of Warcraft, no matter in what kinds of expansions, it’s favored by many players. These materials can be use in many aspects, with herbs, Alchemy profession can create powerful potions and elixirs, which can restore Health and Mana, even some times, they can increase some of the players’ attributes. Another big advantage of Herbalism is it’s one of the best profession can help players make gold fast, there’s also no exception in the upcoming patch 5.0. Here will tell players come tips on insane wow gold farming with Herbalism in Mists of Pandaria. shaofangerkunlai

In patch 5.0, the maximum cap for players’ professions will be 600. There are many kinds of herbs in MOP, but not every of them are worth farming, so what herb is the most profitable to farm in Mists of Pandaria 5.0?

Green Tea Leaf is one of the most favored herbs in Mists of Pandaria, which is used to brew the spirit flask, this herb can be found mainly in Jade Forest, Valley of the Four Winds, Krasarang Wilds and Kun-Lai Summit.

Rain Poppy is always in hot demand in the current MOP market, it is used to create the stamina flask for tanks, elixirs, potions, players can grind it found in waters of Jade Forest.

Silkweed, the same as Rain Poppy, can also sell for a lot of wow gold on the MOP AH, it can be found in waters of Valley of the Four Winds. It’s very use for players, for which can be used to create the intellect flask and other potions and elixirs.

Snow Lily is hard to get in the game, but very valuable, it is used by alchemists to create the agility flask and can be found in all snow-covered areas of Kun-Lai Summit as well as in Sha-touched Herbs, which is an equivalent to the Frozen Herb of Wrath (WoTLK)

Fool’s Cap is very useful for high level players, which is used to brew the strength flask and it can be found on the east side of Windless Isle (Level 90 Daily Quest Hub Zone)

Golden Lotus, this herb many be not popular in patch 4.3, but in 5.0, it’s not the case, all flasks once again require a lotus as it was in Wrath of the Lich King. It spawns in most zones of Pandaria, as it’s a rare spawn node for other herbs.

Best place to farm herbs in MOP 5.0

In MOP, there is no specific zones that can help players farm lots of herbs. At low levels, players can farm in these regions, such as Stranglethorn Vale and Westfall, but after players reach high level, they can farm in spots like Un’Goro Crater and the Plaguelands in Pandaren. If players want to know how to farm wow gold fast with other professions in 5.0, will offer more information later on for free.

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