If you are the new comer to the world of wow, it is not a easy thing in the wow raids, I’ve been using a WoW raid guide to form my own groups and run my own raids because, as you may know, no one would throw you an invite unless you have the achievements for that instance or super equipment. Even so, if you die too many times or if you make just the slightest mistake, people might kick you out of their groups, because the game community is slowly turning into a sea of elitist players. So, how did this WoW raid guide help me as a raid leader for the end game instances in the game? Here are a few tips for becoming a super raider. night-elves1-large

WoW Raid Guide – Tips for Assembling and Running A Successful WoW Raid

Make sure you get experienced tanks and healers. If you know that you are going to run a raid at a certain date, you can even make a calendar invite 1-2 days before, to the tanks and healers that you know. DPS usually grows on trees so don’t worry about damage dealers; you’ll find good ones for sure.

Every player must know their character, their rotations and have raiding experience for the instance you’re about to do. To get the experienced ones check their achievements, gear and specs.

Before the raid starts remind players to get their flasks and consumables. These buffs have crucial role in the effectiveness of a raid and most of the times they make a difference.

WoW Raid Guide – Tips to Improve Your Efficiency in A World Of Warcraft Raid

Firstly, it’s important to know your class and how to be effective at playing it. You need to know the rotation of spells and skills of your toon, to do the part you’re assigned to, smoothly.

Knowing the mechanics of every encounter and the strategies for every boss is crucial. This WoW raid guide had this aspect beautifully covered.

All in all, the great guide I’ve been using helped me to become a good PvE player from one of the arena addicts. Therefore, if you’re decided to start your adventure within the end game instance of World of Warcraft, I strongly recommend this excellent WoW raid guide.

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