Many wowers are wondering that are their wow account will get banned if they buy wow gold online, of course you will unless you buy the warcraft gold in a reliable site. When you have a MMORPG as, well, massive as WoW the desire of some unscrupulous individuals to use your account for their own purposes will exist. There are many reasons why one’s account may be compromised, but first let us get a few things straight. First, your account is almost certainly not being "hacked". This is a misnomer that implies a directed attack against you and/or your account personally. In almost every single case this is not what happens. Rather your account information has been compromised, or has become known to an unauthorized person. This can happen many different ways. The most common of these is that you gave the information away yourself, either knowing or unknowingly. You let your friend play on your account when you’re not using it. Giving your account information to ANYONE is a very, very bad idea. Not only is it a violation of Blizzards TOS and EULA, but you know have no control over how this information is used and who gets it from that point on. Another way of this happening is by clicking on a link you assume to be legitimate and filling out a form with your account information. NEVER do this! If you believe you need to go to a site to enter your account info, always type the url in yourself, do not blindly follow a link. There are countless sites that have been created to do just this sort of thing, and sadly they are very successful. In short, protect your account info and share it with no one. 279937

Another common way for this to occur is through keyloggers on your system. These can be carried in files you download off the internet, programs you install, or simply in graphics on unmoderated or careless websites. These may seem a bit scary at first, well how are we to know what’s safe and what isn’t? Luckily there are ways to protect yourself.

Protecting your PC and Your Account
The first and best defense is one Blizzard offers you direct from them, and this is of course the authenticator.  It is offered free to many mobile devices or the keychain version is $6.50.  Either way you go about it, get one.  It generates a random 6 digit code every time you need to login.  This code must be entered within 60 seconds.  With this even if someone had your account information they would not be able to do anything with it because they would not have access to this authentication code.

Second, you need to protect your PC from threats.  Get a competent firewall and antivirus program and keep it updated.  Most internet providers offer these free of charge so take full advantage of them. 

So let’s assume that none of the above advice was taken and you end up with a "hacked" account. What do you do now? Your characters have no gear, your gold is gone, and you can’t even log in because they changed your password.  The very first thing you need to do is scan your computer using the programs mentioned.  Do not attempt to log in to your accounts or change your passwords until you are certain no infection is left on your PC, otherwise you account will just be taken over again.

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Raiding for newbies is basic guide for those considering starting raiding. "Raiding" in wow, and get the wow gold with it.Success in guild raiding for World of Warcraft takes strategy. You can do lots of research of strategy for boss fights. But when u start a 10 man raid you want to make sure that you have balance in the group. An average 10 man team needs 2 tanks, 1main tank healer, 2 raid healers, 2-3 ranged dps and 2-3 mele dps, with good raid composition. Some times success can boil down to Raid buffs and Procs. Raid buff are what character’s class offers the group. Raid procs are what the classes special talents offer the raid while in combat. 10 man groups oviously have less raid buffs and procs then 25 man groups because of the size of the group. With that you want to make sure that a 10 man group has great balance and procs that will stregthen the team as a whole. Very important to damage effiency. Gear is important, but balanced buffs with individuals skill, will be greater then geared characters. 850472_627828

For example Warlock uses curse of elements that increases spell damage to raid boss by 6% which helps all dps. also has fell spirit (from fellhunter) increases spirit and intellect substantially. Elemental shaman that has totem of wrath, increasing spell power of raid by 240 and increases 3% critical strike to all enemys with in 40 yards of the totem, which substantially helps the whole raid group. Not to mention the other totems that are dropped out by elemental shaman. The arcane mage offers arcane intellect buff, and focus magic to one member in the raid. The boomkin druid offers 5% spell crit increase and gift of the wild. All them put together creates a deadly combonation. Cheap and safe warcraft gold is very necessary. So add a ret paly for mele dps which offers the leet kings buff increasing stats by 10%. With that dps combination u can ensure that trash and bosses will get burned down smoothly and quickly. Now for heals the holy priest will offer stamina, spirit, and shadow protection, buff. Plus make a great raid healer. Then u can have druid healer which offers tree of life 5% increase in healing to raid. A good druid healer will spam wild growth every 6secs wether the raid group needs it or not. Also make a great main tank healer with skills. Then for main tank heals, the holy paly makes great with there large crits. So for tanking u want one single tartget tank and one AOE tank. Protectin warrior offering commanding shot increasing health substantially and Deathknight tank with horn of winter will make awsome combo. That is just the raid buffs that you get from balance of class and specs. when the Procs kick in circulation will go through the roof. This group is high on the spell power side.

Now for group high on the attack power side. Dps should consist of MM hunter, trueshot arua 10% increase of attack power raid buff. Survival hunter just for the pure dps and hunting party giving your party mana regeneration. Enhanced shaman with inproved windfury totem and strength of earth totem and 10% increase of attack power in combat proc. Skilled rogue of any spec just for the pure dps. Less  world of warcraft gold will be cost in here. Ret paly for improved blessing of might, increasing raid attack power by 550. For main tank heals Holy paly giving kings for10% stats. Holy preist givin stamina, spirit, shadow protection. Either druid or restro shaman could be for raid heals. For the tanks Blood deathknight for obomitabal might 10% attack power proc. Feral druid (bear tank) for leader of the pack buff, with 5% increase of critical strike to mele and ranged dps.

The examples above can have some substitutions where abilities are not available, but buttom line. Those 2 teams above with combination of skilled players would make very good 10 man teams. Reguardless of gear, Skill is so important. Also Raid leader Knowledge about the fights in an instance. Good leadership will develope trust between Raid leader and raid members.

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