Have you ever wondering this question how to tank? If you want to tank in wow and get wow gold with it, you should know what to do and when to do, and this would be the most difficult part to control. I have recently noticed a number of instances, in-game and in the forums, where  people are asking for advice on tanking because they’re new to it, DPS or healers are complaining about tanks because they are being bossy or dictatorial, and tanks are complaining about DPS for being DPS. Several of these questions and comments have been addressed from the perspective of mechanics, but only rarely do the responses really touch on the theoretical foundation of tanking, or what I have come to call the Tao of Tanking. This post is intended to address this gap. dragonblight-large

The tank’s role in 5-man content is, in my opinion, the most critical role in the group. My rationale for this statement is that for whatever reason, the WoW-playing community has effectively nominated the position of tank as the defector leader. Six years of social reinforcement has all but made this a universal truth. Can other positions take the responsibility of leader? Of course! Do they? Not often. Particularly within the PUG Nation, the assumption is that the tank will shoulder that responsibility. Some do it well. Others, not so much.

When the fight runs like a well-oiled machine, it is because the DPS are the engine, the healers are the gas, and the tank does the steering. There is no victory, and without DPS, there is no victory. No tank is going to hit the level cap and then go solo a Heroic. However, I view the complexity for any given role in a group as largely determined by the amount of responsibility the player has to take for other people in order for the group to succeed.

The DPS player has only to:
Do any CC they’re asked to do
Interrupt as needed
Do damage to the appropriate target
Stay out of the fire

The DPS player does not have to take responsibility for any other member of the group (though really exceptional players will find a way to do this – these players are truly treasured gems that should always be appreciated).

The healer, on the other hand, has to:
Do any CC they’re asked to do
Stay out of the fire
Make sure that nobody’s hit points get to zero before the pull is ended

The healer takes responsibility for other people by healing them when they take unnecessary damage (taking cleave hits, standing in fire, pulling threat from the tank

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