Tiller Reputation Guide for Wow Mop

Farming Mats
Reaching different levels of reputation with the Tillers will unlock a short.A big thing is the requirement for mats while levelling a profession.  Many players change professions fairly often to maximize the current best bonus for raiding or PVP.  Wow Gold Lvl90,I know what a lot of you are thinking, the price of MOP mats has already tanked, there are more than what is needed on the AH and prices are low.  You would be correct. wowgold49

What I suggest you do is check for the lower or mid-tier mats that are most in demand on your server and farm them.  For example on my server right now a stack of MOP herbs is only 20-40 gold.  However, a stack of herbs from the Burning Crusade zones go for 200+ gold.  The same applies to Ore, where the Ore from the Wrath of the Lich King zones, is going for 10 times what the MOP ore is selling for.  If you are going to farm for something, check out what is in demand on your server and farm it.

Manage your Alts and Professions
A lot of time there is money to be made simply by juggling items for professions.  If you have several characters you should make sure that you maximize the professions they have and how they work together.  It is useless having two characters that do the same thing,Wow Gold 90,  so make sure that you do not duplicate.  Also make sure that you have at least 1 character with each of the gathering skills and at someone with  at least enchanting, jewelcrafting, inscription, and potentially alchemy, since they are the biggest money makers  at least early on.

Make sure that you buy basic mats like ore when you need gems, or herbs when you need inks, send them to your character that can prospect them or mill them down and then return them to the right character, you will save a lot of money.

Later on, when you higher-level patterns are added, then start moving into the crafting professions like blacksmithing, tailoring, and leatherworking.  While they have some nice patterns that can make you some gold right now, their time has already almost past, since they are equivalent to the LFR items and therefore falling in price drastically as more players get into LFR.

Auction House Flipping
Tillers Union: covers the main questline in which the player wins union votes from Halfhill residents, daily quests, and Tillers reputation rewards.This is a tried and true method of making a lot of gold in the World of Warcraft and continues to be a great way in Mists of Pandaria. Buy Wow Gold Instant Delivery,  All you need to do is watch the Auction House for items that are selling for significantly below what they should, buy them and re-sell them for more.

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